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Why should I buy new camshafts?

  • The camshaft or camshafts are the heart of any 4 stroke engine build. They dictate what type of power your engine will produce and where in the RPM range that power will occur.
  • Typically installing a camshaft or camshafts is minimally invasive so the labor costs are reasonable. Of course with really aggressive camshafts, additional parts and machining may be required.

Lift or Duration?

  • Why not both? Lift means opening the valves further. Duration means holding the valves open longer. Generally most stock engines can benefit from a little bit more of both.
  • Of course for screaming high revs or monstrous arm ripping torque, you may want to take a harder look at these two items and carefully select the best camshaft for your needs.

Should I raise my compression?

  • YES, almost always yes. An increase in compression = an increase in Horsepower (HP) and Torque (TQ) across the entire RPM range.

How high can I raise my compression?

  • As compression increases, so do pressure and heat (which is why high compression engines make more HP and TQ), but too much heat causes the fuel to ignite on its own (detonation). You should only raise compression until just before the point of detonation.
  • OF COURSE, you could always up the octane of the fuel being used to counteract detonation. Welcome to the world of RACE GAS

How can I raise my compression?

  • The possibilities are almost endless. From simply installing a thinner head or base gasket, to milling the head or decking the cylinder.
  • Just remember there are certain minimum clearances that must be maintained between moving parts (valves and pistons).

Titanium Valves vs. Steel Valves?

  • Many engines come from the factory with Titanium valves. They are very strong and extremely lightweight. Normally if your engine came with them stock we recommend you stick with them.
  • Older or less developed engines tend to have Steel valves. They get the job done just fine, but for an increased RED LINE or faster revs, we recommend an upgrade to Titanium valves for most applications.

Should I port my head?

  • No, you should have us port your head. There is a lot more to head porting than simply making the holes bigger. Countless hours have been spent by our engine builders practicing and perfecting their skills behind a Foredom (porting tool) and on a Super Flow flowbench. Remember, a cheap port job now, ALWAYS cost more in the end.
  • Head porting takes your engine build to a different level. By reshaping the intake and exhaust ports, we are better able to fill the cylinder with air and fuel. Proper porting helps maximize the benefits of camshafts, high compression builds, or oversize valves.

Ceramic Bearings? DLC coatings?

  • Friction robs HP. Ceramic bearings and DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coatings minimize frictional losses in your engine. These are ways to “FIND” HP in your engine.
  • Ceramic bearings are also available for your front and rear wheel bearings as well.
  • Speaking of reducing frictional losses, you can always have your transmission gears micro polished to reduce friction. Or have your crankshaft lightened and balanced as well.