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Lubing Motorcycle Cables: An Important Part of Routine Motorcycle Maintenance

As the owner of a motorcycle, it is important for you to complete routine maintenance checks. One area that is often overlooked is lubricating your motorcycle cables.

motorcyle cables repairWhat are Motorcycle Cables?

Motorcycle cables are those cables that connect the throttle and the clutch. Before you lubricate yours, you need to check on the type of cables that you have. If you have the older type with multiple wires and a steel style cable, you will need to lubricate your wires to prevent them from wearing out and failing. If you have Teflon cables, on the other hand, lubricating them can actually damage them.

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How Do You Lubricate Motorcycle Cables?

To lubricate your motorcycle cables, you will first need to unhook the cable from the lever on the handlebar end. Next, cut a 45 degree angle in the corner of a baggie, stick the cable in the baggie and add lubricant to the baggie. Check with your local motorcycle repair shop to determine the best type of lubricant to use. Tape the baggie to the outside of the cable housing with the cable hanging from it. This way, the lubricant can run down the inner cable. Once it starts leaking on the other end, you know the job is done. Wait a few more minutes, remove the baggie and wipe the cable down before hooking it back into position.

This routine maintenance procedure should be done twice per year. Of course, another option is to bring your motorcycle to Advanced Performance so we can handle all of your motorcycle repair and maintenance needs.

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