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5 Steps for Cleaning Your Motorcycle Carburetor

A dirty carburetor can cause a number of problems for your motorcycle. By cleaning your carburetor, you can be sure it is properly regulating the amount of fuel and air going to your bike’s cylinders. Here are some basic steps for cleaning your bike’s carburetor.

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Kawasaki_Ninja_H2R_Seattle_motorcycle_showStep #1

Drain the gas from the carburetor and remove it from you bike. Place the carburetor on a clean towel and use a screwdriver to remove the float bowl.

Step #2

Clean the bowl with a carb cleaner before removing the bowl drain. Check over the carburetor for any damaged or corroded parts that need to be replaced.

Step #3

Scrub tight places with a toothbrush and spray it down again with carb cleaner. Take care to clean the areas where gasoline has pooled.

Step #4

Check the float, pilot jet, float valve and seat, jet holder, air screws and throttle slide. Use compressed air to clear out tubes and holes.

Step #5

Reassemble the carburetor and put it back in place.

By keeping your carburetor clean, your bike will have a much smoother ride. If you aren’t sure about how to clean your carburetor or if you simply don’t have the time, Advanced Performance can help. Whether you need motorcycle repair or maintenance assistance, we can help meet all of your motorcycle needs.

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  1. April 25, 2016    

    My boyfriend likes motorcycles and I think he will find this information helpful. He is always trying to keep his in the best condition. He likes to do all he can be fore turning it over to a professional to get it serviced. I’ll remind him to use compressed air to clean out tubes, like you suggested in tip 4. Thanks!

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