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5 Signs Your Motorcycle Engine is in Need of Repair

Aside from seeing an illuminated check engine light, there are a few other signs that your motorcycle engine might not be functioning properly. By recognizing these signs and contacting a Phoenix motorcycle repair company right away, you can help prevent additional damage from occurring. To that end, here are five signs that your engine might be in need of repair.

2009 Suzuki GSXR600 engine. In the process of get the Camshaft lobe centers set. This engine was disassembled for a performance build. The Cylinder head was ported and polished in house. We then had the head cut .010" to increase compression then installed a thinner head gasket to raise compression more. We then have to install adjustable cam sprockets to set the lobe centers for maximum power and to obtain the proper piston to valve clearance

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Sign #1: Loss of Power

A loss of power indicates a problem with the internal workings of your engine. There are a variety of different issues that can lead to a loss of power, ranging from those that are relatively simple to those that are more complicated and costly. By making repairs early, you can help to prevent creating a big problem from something small.

Sign #2: Reduction in Gas Efficiency

A reduction in fuel efficiency can indicate a problem with compression in your engine, which may be cleared up with something as simple as a fuel system service. If it has been some time since a tune-up, however, it may be time to bring in your motorcycle to get it back to working at optimal efficiency.

Sign #3: Odors

Offensive odors from the exhaust is a sign that the exhaust stroke is starting to fail. This is a sure sign that your engine needs to be seen by a professional.

Sign #4: Noises

Hissing, backfiring, popping, spitting and knocking are all signs that there is a problem with your engine’s combustion flow. As with odors, this is a sign that your engine needs to be checked as soon as possible

Sign #5: Engine Runs When Ignition is Off

When an engine continues to run after the ignition is turned off, it is referred to as run-on. Most commonly occurring in high-performance vehicles, run-on usually occurs when the octane in the gas is not right. Other potential causes include an overactive carburetor or a failing solenoid. With the help of a reputable Phoenix motorcycle repair shop, you can get your bike back running efficiently.

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  1. April 20, 2016    

    This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that hissing and spitting noises can indicate motorcycle engine problems. I’m about to purchase my first bike, and I want to make sure I take care of it as well as I can. I’ll definitely be aware of these sounds, and I’ll take my motorcycle in for repairs if I notice any of them. Thanks for the great post!

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